Technical Support

We do our best to keep The Browser working perfectly and we very much appreciate you letting us know if something's broken. Before you get in touch (, please take a look at the list below and see if your problem appears there.

I can’t subscribe

If you see an error message after entering your email address and clicking 'Subscribe', this is probably because you have JavaScript disabled in your web browser or you are using a JavaScript blocker like Ghostery or AdBlock Plus. These extensions interfere with the checkout process — please disable them before you click. You can switch them straight back on again afterwards, of course.

I can‘t sign in

If you find that you enter your email address and are returned to the front page without a visible change, please hit refresh on your web browser—this should see you logged in as expected. If you still can’t access the site, please try clearing your cookies (instructions here).

I have to sign in again and again

The Browser keeps you logged in by placing a cookie on your computer, which it can use to recognise you. Please double check you are not using ‘Private Browsing’, ‘Incognito Mode’, or similar, which will reject the cookie. This done, the solution is to reset your web browser’s cookies and cache following the instructions here, and then log in once more.

I’m not receiving the newsletter, though it’s ticked in my preferences

Our newsletter is technically a mass mailing, albeit a lovingly-curated one, so it can trigger spam filters. We do our best to avoid them, but it does occasionally happen, so please check your spam folder. Gmail is also known to place the newsletter in the ‘promotions’ tab.

Some users have reported that unchecking, saving, and then re-checking the newsletter checkbox restores service.